About us

“Academic Achievement Open School” is privately  owned and comprises of Board of Directors, Management,  Teaching  staff,  Non-teaching  staff  and  students.  The institution endeavors to put in place team work involving all its members, in order to run efficiently and harmoniously  and to provide the students with the best possible education.

The philosophy includes a mission statement and a vision, as well as details of our expectations of members of the school community. It is a blue-print for the school, and provides guidelines for broadening and strengthening the commitment of each and every individual in the community. It also upholds the worth of each member of the community.

This requires that all members of the school community work as a team, cooperate and help each other in daily undertakings.

The key elements of our philosophy are mutual respect and appreciation of one-another’s   different   cultural   backgrounds.

We   believe   that   the   best discipline is self-discipline.


Our  vision  is  to  develop  a  generation  of  learners  with  active,  reflective  and creative minds, who have a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs so as to make this world a better place for the global community.


Our mission is to provide students with quality education that can help learners to create their own learning passion.

We aim to build all four human capacities; Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual, in a caring and supportive environment.

We wish to enable each student to be independent, self-disciplined, confident and responsible in the ever-changing global society.


To provide, in partnership with our esteem Government, parents, and our society in general, an environment of team work, mutual respect and appreciation of  different  cultural  backgrounds,  in  which  students  will  achieve their full potential and eventually make a full and useful contribution to their society and our Nation. And hence we want to provide education for excellence that can lead to success


To ensure that each of our student succeeds in one way or the other in his/her education path and we came up with Motto statement “Your success is our bottom line”